By Teol. Leônidas Almeida


"But the water that I give," he said, "become a permanent source of all inside, giving them drink the eternal life forever". Jo 4.14


        This is one of the deepest responses revealed by Jesus to a woman about the essence of his message in the whole Gospel.


        After a long journey with his disciples, Jesus decides to give a stop to rest, was exhausted, near the Jacob's well in Samaria, who even before his tiredness saw a unique opportunity to interact with someone who needed to know something of God's Kingdom.        


        In those times a dialogue of a Jew (Jesus) with a Samaritan woman, was totally outside the standards of the time, because the Samaritans were Mestizos, remnants of the northern tribes who were taken captive after the fall of Israel in 722 BC And the Samaritans racial and religiously miscigenados, were abominados by the Jews and even the aggravation of the Samaritans don't recognise the place of worship established by the Jews, which built a rival temple on Mount Gerzim.


        In the dialogue of Jesus with the Samaritan woman revealed his ability to transcend all social and religious prejudices of his time, to search for all who need a transformer with that meeting that could give real meaning to life. So the surprise revealed by the woman with the dialogue proposed by Jesus "the woman was surprised that a Jew asked anything a" despised Samaritan woman "-usually they don't speak with them!-and commented that with Jesus." Vs. 9.


        Feel excluded or scorned by men, and even his family, know that Jesus is interested in you, whatever its State or condition in which you are located.


        Jesus realizing the spiritual grace of woman goes straight to the point and tells you:"If only you knew that wonderful gift God has for you, and who am I, you ask Me some water!" Vs. 10.


        The woman without realizing the spiritual amplitude liberating that Jesus would have you proposed, only responded to Jesus who would accept that this "living water" because it would take away the hassle of everyday be there to kill its physical headquarters, so for that woman, the living water of Jesus would be a new product on the market that would solve a specific need and time limited validity for that problem.


        Unfortunately many people have this kind of relationship with God, don't go on the scale of what God can do in their lives and are at all times seeking magical solutions for a particular problem, always go in search of blessing, but don't realize what the giver of blessing want for their lives.


        Jesus doesn't give up to reveal fully to that woman and confront her about its real existential necessity and then tells him: "go get your husband", so the woman responds to Jesus who was not married and Jesus in fact confirms the true situation of the woman: "This is a great truth!" spoke Jesus. "because you have had five husbands, and neither is married to the man who is living now". Vs. 18.


        Jesus seeks to show to the woman who had brought the same to seek meaning for your life in so many relationships frustrated because so far she hadn't found what really could make sense only and ultimate for his life, namely the "living water" offered by him: "but the water that I give," he said, "become a permanent supply within allby giving them drink the eternal life forever ".


        Many of us spend and spend our energies looking for new directions and reasons for our lives, new experiences that can bring significant existential answers, we launch and we are in pursuit of pleasure-Trinity daa money, sex and power-as the only way out for our life miserable. Go and return repeatedly to the well in the frantic search for something that might make sense in our lives and leave behind only the marks of disillusionment.


        Broken relationships and frustrated experienced by women was the way of Jesus bring to light their sins under the illusion that she could cure his inner emptiness and relieve your pain. This produced a deep thirst in the soul, that in the pursuit of peace in many relationships, only increased his pain by various setbacks experienced by relational.


        So this is a call to all: COME, all of you who are suffering from thirst, drink! And you who have no money, come, buy wine and milk free! Come buy and eat! Why do you live "spending your money, striving in vain to buy things that don't kill hunger? Hear what I say, and you can eat delicious foods to feed their souls! Is 55.1-2.


        So that woman has not been changed since it was in the presence of someone who had more than simple knowledge and wisdom, because Jesus presented himself as someone who truly could give new meaning to your life: the woman said: "Well at least I know that the Messiah will come to him who is called Christ-and when he comes, will explain everything to us. Then Jesus said to him: "I am the Messiah!. Vs. 25-26


        The place and manner of worship is no longer important, but rather one that is worshiped is the difference:"Comes the time, woman coming, when we won't even bother more in worshiping the Father here or in Jerusalem. Because it is not where we worship that has value, but as love. Vs. 21


        My prayer, even for those already had this encounter with Jesus, but sometimes we are led to the mistake by the mirages in the desert, by the way that this world has proposed how happy life project by the insane pursuit of pleasure for the pleasure. Know that there is one special person that can quench the thirst of the soul and deliver us from sin 's.


Listen to this classic Christian music: so many lovers and the water of life, both of the duo William Kerr and Grandson Jorge Calderon, burned to CD Free Wind


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